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Page of Cups

A young person (male or female) finely dressed and bearing a Cup, who is about to make an announcement. The waves behind the Page symbolize the subconscious mind, and the fish represents an idea springing forth from the cup of imagination.

Pages represent news. A new perspective and a new way of doing things are approaching. The focus is on expansion and unfoldment as well as meetings, discussions and plans for the future. Don't take on more than you can handle in your desire to move forward. You must clearly define what you want to accomplish, because at this point the form your wish will take has yet to be materialized.

As with all Court cards, it is also possible for a Page to represent a person. The astrological sign for the Page of Cups is Pisces. A person with traits of gentleness, kindness, and creativity maybe indicated. Other adjectives to describe this person might be: dreamy, talkative, imaginative, sensitive, emotional, flaky, or romantic. This Page may represent the vocations of: poet, occultist, motivational speaker, dancer, artist, or any profession that deals with illusion or works behind the scenes.

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Page of Cups


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