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The Moon

A wolf and a dog howl at the moon, which is both full and a quarter. The wolf is pure, untamed spirit and the dog represents a psyche adapted to human life. The water in front of them is the unmanifest, the pool of infinite possibilities out of which come all physical creations. The crayfish emerging from the water represents an idea starting to take shape. Anyone taking the rugged path leading into the distance must pass between the pillars of good and evil to attain a higher state of consciousness. The landscape depicted in the Moon is what the High Priestess was guarding behind her veil.

The moon can be about disquiet, dread, and deception, but it is also about dreams, instinct, creativity, and psychic energy. Sometimes the only way out of a problem is to go through it, finding a new perspective on the other side which will make you a stronger, happier person. Artists, philosophers, geniuses are some of the people familiar with the Moon's rugged path.

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The Moon


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