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King of Cups

The king's throne rests on a stormy sea. A dolphin and an anchored ship appear in the background. A golden fish hangs from a chain around the king's neck. All the court cards in the suit of Cups feature water as a symbol of the unconscious mind. In this case, that unconscious seems turbulent.

This card focuses on activities centering around the home or a home business. Financial independence and daydreams of romance are also indicated.

As with all Court cards, it is also possible for a King to represent a person. The astrological sign for the King of Cups is Cancer. A mature man who his kind and considerate and willing to take responsibility. He has an emotional nature which is hidden by a calm exterior. Other adjectives to describe this person might be: moody, home-loving, focusing, worrying, cranky, or changeable. This King may represent the vocations of: doctor, priest, minister, businessman, homemaker, cook, or restauranteur.

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King of Cups


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