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The Devil

A horned demon is perched above two figures similar to the Lovers. The man's tail represents a corruption of the Zodiac, the woman's represents excess regarding the senses. Both are held to the demon by chains they could easily remove. The demon holds one hand in a sign of dark magic, the other holds an inverted torch of self-destruction. The inverted pentagram that crowns the demon indicates that man's place in the universe has been reversed and he is vulnerable to evil.

The Devil in a reading indicates a negative cycle of events. You may find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to go right, and your problems spawn other problems with no end in sight. This is usually because you are not seeing the whole picture. It could also be because you are too focused on the material world and not the spiritual. Remember that like the people depicted in the card, you have the power to release yourself from this bondage. Focus on gratitude rather than gratification. Rather than thinking about your problems or what is missing, try thinking about God and all that you have been given.

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The Devil


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