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One of my favorite cards. Very rarely does it indicate an actual death. A skeleton in black armor rides a pale horse, a fallen king lays before him. At first glance, the message here appears to be that death conquers completely. But the banner held by the skeleton is a rose, symbol of life. In the background, a sun rises to a new day. A river runs to the sea, only to evaporate into the clouds and fall back to earth as rain. The real message is the unending cycle of birth, death, and renewal.

Drawing this card indicates that you will be blessed with the ability to make major changes in your life. Like the ancient shamans you will experience a symbolic death, where you are purified by eliminating all the things that no longer serve you and which are now holding you back. During this "Shaman's Death", the old you dies, so a better, stronger you can be born. Transformation is the key word here.

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